What others say, read below!

What others say is even more important to help you make the right decision. And help others here too! Read below the posts about experiences of former or existing students. After all, we all like to have a proper understanding of the real quality before we start, isn’t it?And of course, if you have had classes of us, leave your remarks here (scroll down to the bottom and place your experience in the box ‘what do you think?’ or go to the Spanish page for a reference in Spanish) and help future students to assess our professionalism, enthusiasm and potential results they can achieve. Any idea helps! Help us helping!Some testimonials are (also) written in Spanish, click here to read them.


30 thoughts on “What others say, read below!

  1. Sigurd

    I took private lessons with Maria first in 2015 and then again 2 years later. I only have positive things to say about Maria and the way she teaches. Her knowledge about the Spanish language is amazing, and she explains and teaches in a way so it becomes easy to understand. Besides that’s Maria is just a wonderful person and i always had fun during our classes. Espero que nos vemos pronto María! Saludos!

  2. Johnny

    A friend of mine recommended me to Maria and I have not looked back! I’ve had several Spanish teachers online and I by far enjoy my classes with Maria the most. She is easy to talk to and always eager to teach! She explains her lessons very well and ensures you have a good understanding of the fundamental principles. Besides being a great teacher she is also a really nice person and is a pleasure to learn with!

  3. Petra Schuler

    I’ve been working with Maria for a year now and can’t say enough about what a wonderful teacher she is — she knows exactly how to challenge me without asking too much. She tailors the lessons to my needs and always manages to make me feel good about my Spanish. She is incredibly patient and knows just the right thing to do to make it fun when I get close to being frustrated. Yes, I do get frustrated with myself sometimes; it’s hard to learn another language. Her skill as a teacher and insightfulness as a person has helped me to sustain my commitment to learning Spanish.
    I recently spent a month in Granada living with a family and studying with Maria every day during the week. I loved everything about it. My time with Julia and Felix and their two lovely daughters was most enjoyable. The house (Casa Pueblo Chiquito) was beautiful, centrally located, and the family was most welcoming, treating me like a friend. Granada and it’s surroundings are beautiful and it felt very safe. People are respectful and excited to talk to visitors. I hope I can go back soon. Thank you for everything María 😊👍

  4. Friedrich Fahrländer

    Some friends recommended María as an excellent Spanish teacher in Granada. Hence I contacted her and booked two weeks of 4 lessons per day. I must say, it was one of my best learning experiences ever (and I’ve got many) and I made very good progress. My friends surely did not promise too much. I enjoyed every single lesson and time flew by.
    María used the first few lessons to get a good idea of my knowledge and deficiencies and then started filling the gaps, step by step through tailored explanations, exercises and discussions. In addition she always considered my specific interests and needs. And all this was done in a way I could enjoy the learning. It was very enriching to discuss aspects of daily life, politics, economics and society and many other matters with her. María is not only a very competent teacher in all aspects and never left a question without adequate answer, but also has a nice personality. Her charming way of motivating people quite impressed me.
    I am happy having had her as my teacher and strongly recommend her to any person interested in learning Spanish be it in the beautiful environment of the City of Granada or via Skype at a great distance.

    1. maria

      Gracias por su comentario tan positivo. De verdad fueron buenas combinaciónes de gramática y conversaciones de los diferentes aspectos de la vida nicaraguense,y del resto del mundo. Muchas situaciones con el subjuntivo o indicativo, acompañadas de risas. Que lástima que las clases terminaron demasiado rápido. Hasta pronto 🙂

  5. Jill Cady

    Maria is my second Spanish teacher — and what a difference. She asked and understands what is most important to me – improving my communication skills. I have now been a student of Maria’s for over 8 months and my ability to have a conversation, express my thoughts and importantly understand someone else has greatly improved. Also, I continue to learn more about both Nicaragua and Granada through her insights and knowledge of ‘how things work’. In addition to being a great teacher, Maria is a patient, thoughtful and delightful person to be around. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone interested in either short-term or long-term Spanish language studies.

  6. Jason Horvath, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Maria is the fourth Spanish teacher I have used through Skype and she is by far the best! Maria makes learning Spanish fun. Our hour long sessions fly by. I know my Spanish would be far better if I had found Maria first. I look forward to my Spanish lessons now that I am studying with Maria. She really does have a gift for teaching Spanish. Try her classes you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Sierra

    I take classes with Maria every week, and can honestly say she is an amazing teacher! She focuses on conversational skills, but at the same time structures the classes perfectly, adding some new grammar every lesson. She adapts her lessons to fit what you want to learn and your current level. My very first lesson I got nervous and could barely form a sentence, but after only a little bit of time talking with her, I immediately found it much easier because she is so patient, speaks clearly, and has away of giving you more confidence. I’ve found that the confidence I gain speaking in lessons with her transfers into my every day Spanish as well. Besides how effective her lessons are, they are also really fun because she is such a kind and compassionate person. Sometimes I forget I’m at a Spanish lesson because she is so much fun to be around. I would definitely recommend Maria as a Spanish teacher, whether you are in Granada or through Skype!

  8. Irina Klemke

    Ich hatte zwei Wochen Privatunterricht mit Maria und konnte sehr profitieren, weil sie das Programm individuell nach meinen Wünschen angepasst hat. Sie ist eine geduldige und interessierte Lehrerin und spricht sehr deutlich und gut verständlich.
    Sie hat mir meine Gastfamilie organisiert, welche ebenfalls sehr grosszügig war und mich an ihrem Leben teilhaben liess. Maria hat mir den Transport vom Flughafen zu meiner Gastfamilie organisiert und mich am ersten Tag durch die Stadt geführt und mir Wichtiges und Sehenswertes gezeigt.
    Durchaus sehr empfehlenswert!

  9. Anya Stoffregen

    I had the pleasure of having Maria as my spanish teacher. We had classes 3 times a week for a little over a month. I knew a little spanish but found it difficult to construct sentences and have conversations. It was a great experience for me, and I could not imagine learning as fast with any other teacher. Maria is not only extremely kind but also very professional. She is interesting to talk to and extremely bright. We had classes at cafes and over Skype. Both were very effective and the method of not talking english, had me learning spanish very fast. Homework is part of learning spanish with Maria, and I felt it was necessary and very effective. I have enjoyed learning spanish from Maria and I wish to do it again in the future. I could not recommend a better teacher for any level of spanish classes.

  10. John Yoder

    I spend a week with Maria in Granada in May 2014. I stayed with a nicaraguan family Maria arranged. I was impressed with her teaching style. What I liked, Maria taught me what I wanted to learn, not stuff I did not want to learn. I totally enjoyed myself for the week. I was busy all the time, spanish lessons till noon, studying in the afternoon, dance lessons in the evening, as well as socializing in the evening. I am planning on returning to Granada for more lessons with Maria. The week with Maria jump started my spanish.

  11. Rob

    My wife and I first met María when she traveled to Costa Rica in 2013. We were able to have a week-long intensive class with her and were impressed with her teaching ability. So much so that we have now been utilizing her services via Skype for more than a year and I also attended a month long intensive class in Granada while living there with a local family. If you are looking for a professional, well prepared, patient, and affordable teacher look no further than María at Avencemos!!
    Estoy seguro que no es posible encontrar una profesora mejor que María.

  12. Ilana

    Maria is a true professional instructor. She knows how to adapt to a student’s level, communicate effectively, and make lesson’s fun and relevant. She provides a great combination of textbook-style learning and light-hearted chit-chat. Amazingly, she doesn’t need to rely on a textbook, in her many years of teaching she has created her own materials to accommodate a specific student’s needs, which she generously shares (no need to buy a generic, perhaps costly reader). As a medical professional I came to Nicaragua hoping to brush up on my conversational Spanish and hone in on medical terminology. I was so impressed by Maria’s ability to create a tailored medical Spanish-oriented course simply by using her superb teaching skills. We spent 4 hours a day together, 5 days a week over 5 weeks and the time flew by. The experience felt like chatting with a friend over coffee with the benefit of greatly improved Spanish skills. While super informative and educational, the intensive course was never boring and was in fact a pleasure due to Maria’s great skills and charming personality. I highly recommend taking a course with her. No matter your level, goals, age, or the amount of time you have to commit, she will adapt to your needs and offer an unmatched service. You will not find a comparable teacher in Granada or beyond!

  13. Ingeborg winther

    Maria is a super good teacher. She speaks slowly and clearly, so in this way you learn fast and she is also wonderful:-) Ingeborg, Denmark

    1. Dan Parkison

      Maria is the BEST language teacher I have ever had. She is professional, well-prepared for each lesson, and also a very pleasant person. I learned so much from her. By learning Spanish, my whole experience of living in Central America was unbelievably enriched.

  14. Tim Johnson

    We had two weeks of instruction with Maria as our profesora. I was amazed at how well I understood her, and how much we learned. It was well worth it and hopefully we will take more lessons in the future. I highly recommend Maria’s classes.

  15. Ute-Maria Bernet

    María’s web site is pretty new, but I am an “old” student of her because I enjoyed her teaching between July 2009 and May 2010 while I was living in María’s beautiful home town Granada on the shores of Lake Cocibolca (Nicaragua) where my husband was assigned for his work as a sanitary engineer — he himself did not need María’s lessons as he grew up in Perú and Colombia and therefore is fluent in Spanish. As he went there a month before me, he already looked for a Spanish teacher for me, and María was highly recommended to him by one of her former students, a young US-American living in Granada. And the result of this recommendation — my Spanish lessons with María — belong to the best things that happened to me while I lived in Granada. Her way of conducting the lessons and conveying her knowledge to her student — i. e. me — was so empathetic, clear, with patience but, however, insisting, and very professional. After a short time I managed to communicate quite fluently in my daily life wherever I was busy, e. g., working with the NGO “Música en los Barrios” (giving music lessons to street children), doing music therapy with babies in a local hospital, and even working regularly at the National Music Conservatory in Managua. Isn’t this an extraordinary result of María’s “job” on me? Additionally, I have to mention, that this relationship “teacher-student” quite soon moved on to the level “private friendship”, not only between her and myself, her student, but it also included — from my side — my husband and — from María’s side — her lovely three young children, who even became my piano and recorder students, and her dear mother as well. And this friendship and contact are still very alive! Like this I got to know about María’s new web site, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to post here my experiences with her as my Spanish teacher, although that time is already more than three years back. I must say, I envy everybody who has the luck to be her student now, because sadly we haven’t seen each other again after my husband and I left Nicaragua mid-May 2010, returning to our home in Germany. Together with my husband we do wish María great luck and success with her new Spanish school, either teaching her students from person to person (one to one classes) or via her new concept through the internet/skype which seems an interesting and practical means in this modern time of globalised communication!
    From all my heart I do wish your school to get going, María!

  16. Elizabeth Venable

    I’ve been Maria’s student twice in the past and more to come in the future I hope! She’s prepared, patient, and articulate and understands the best ways to challenge individual’s skills. Learning a new language can be really intimidating – Maria creates a comfortable environment. Thanks!!!

  17. schaeresther@gmail.com

    Ich habe vom Spanisch-Unterricht bei Maria sehr profitiert (40 Lektionen, waehrend 2 Wochen). Maria ist eine interessierte, humorvolle Lehrerin. Was mir sehr geholfen hat, ist dass sie individuell auf die Beduerfnisse der Schueler eingeht und den Unterricht vielseitig gestaltet. Empfehlenswert!

  18. Frederic

    i was several times in nicaragua. the first time i went to spanish class was in 1999 where i meet mariahaydee. i went back in 2000, 2002, 2007 and i will go again soon.
    i’m not an easy student but mariahaydee is very patience, well prepared, flexible and with a good sense of humor.
    getting classes over skype is a great idea to practise comunication. if you are a beginner i recomend to take a few weeks vacation in granada/nicaragua and take one to one classes with maria. you learn faster and get to know a beautiful country with very friendly people. try to stay with a family so you get the real feeling.
    with maria you get good quality at a great price!!! try it, you wont regret it!!!
    the other good thing about nicaragua, it is not as overloadet with tourists as costa rica, the people are much nicer, its cheaper and you help the economic and the people in a difficult time.
    muchas gracias mariahaydee
    suerte, mucho amor y un abrazo
    tu amigo suizo

  19. Karin

    I learned Spanish with María when I was visiting Granada in March 2012. I enjoyed the excellent classes with her very much. They were very good prepared and highly efficient so that I was able to learn a lot in two weeks. I think that the skype classes are a wonderful new idea! Good luck with everything.

  20. Mitch Powers

    I took several weeks of spanish classes with Maria and think she’s a great spanish teacher. She’s rock solid with grammar and has an effective way of presenting daily lessons. I wanted to improve my spanish because I lead kayaking tours in Baja, Mexico and also travel to Costa Rica a couple times a year. So I spent time in Granada, Nicaragua where Maria is based. This is really a great way to go because you get spanish lessons and an incredible cultural experience. I think her skype lessons are a good way to compliment the hands-on stuff and work on conversation. And these comments are really written by me. Anyone who has any questions can contact Mitch at: Positiveoutlook1@hotmail.com.
    I want to book a conversation class, please contact me for setting a agenda (put your suggested times in the comment field):
    Tell me more about classes in Granada:

  21. akylest

    I highly recommend Maria to anyone interested in learning or improving their Spanish. I was an intermediate speaker when I was fortunate enough to take a couple weeks of one on one lessons with her in which she skillfully identified and helped me to improve areas of weakness. Learning with her was truly a pleasure and I still consider her a friend as much as a teacher.

  22. Nikita

    Maria is not only a really good teacher, she makes the classes fun and I really learned a lot. She was my first and only teacher and helped me with speaking Spanish fluently!

  23. Jason Greenberg

    Maria spent three weeks teaching me Spanish a few years ago. It was certainly the best instruction I have received as her style allowed the learner to absorb Spanish through interaction and activity. I continue to use her lessons everyday with patients in my hospital. Thank you Maria!

  24. David Smith

    My family and I had the pleasure of learning Spanish from Maria some years ago and really enjoyed our time in Nicaragua. She is a great teacher and friend and I recommend her highly. I haven’t tried the Skype classes as yet, but would like to do so, as my Spanish needs brushing up.

  25. Marianne Conrod

    Learning another language is something that I never thought I would do in my lifetime. Then a trip to Nicaragua changed all that. Now I am learning how to roll my Rs and turn my Es into As. I can’t imagine a person I would rather learn all this from than Maria. She is beautiful inside and out and has become a friend in addition to being my passionate, patient and informative teacher. If you are looking to start your journey into the Spanish language or need to brush up or advance your skill set, do yourself a favor and let this woman work her magic with you.

    Marianne Conrod
    Vancouver, BC

  26. Miah Artola

    I am so pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Maria. Her Spanish classes were enormously professional. She is such an excellent teacher that her class was much like a college-level professor tutoring me privately. Maria conducted her course with incredible insite into my particular learning style and she showed endless patience with my beginning level Spanish. By the time our course was over, I was able to communicate in Spanish while shopping, dining and socializing. This not only made my trip more enjoyable, but kept me safe and able to navigate effectively and engage with my environment. On another note, Maria is warm, fun, and has a wonderful personality and great intelligence. You will want to learn Spanish just to talk to her! I feel incredibly fortunate that she was my teacher. I could not imagine a more effective class or more dedicated and talented teacher. Her class made my journey fruitful and joyful and gave me a new tool which I continue to work with today. Sincerely, Miah Artola, New York, NY

  27. Rick

    It’s nice to be the first to leave a post at the website of Maria. It took her a while to bring it up. Suppose she was busy with her students 🙂
    I went through 9 weeks of Spanish language classes in Spain and learned basically grammar, but not how to use Spanish where I wanted it for: conversations, listening, speaking and enjoying fine moments in Spanish speaking countries! Very, very frustrating to only practice the verbal use for minutes per hour. That was surely not the fast-track forward to successful use of Spanish
    That changed dramatically when I took last year in May some weeks of 1 on 1 class in Nicaragua with Maria. She is extremely patient, helpful, clear in here pronunciation and got me on the right track of listening and speaking! It revived my curiosity and belief that even I would be able to speak Spanish at a decent level, good enough to enjoy my holidays in Spanish speaking countries and perhaps even longterm stays. Anyway, I agreed with Maria to take from Holland 1 to 2 times a week a conversation hour via Skype. And that did the trick last year. I am now back for a combi of vacation and classes and unbelievable, what a difference compared to a year ago!. I am so proud that already 5 natives complimented me with my unbelievable progress on Spanish. It sounds unbelievable, but I am now able to have acceptable discussions in Spanish and find my way around in an incomparable way. 1 to 2 hours from home last year was a neglectable and easy to do investment in time and money from my home with as result that I essentially speak Spanish. Isn’t that weird? I am so thankful and can recommend Maria her Skype classes to everyone who wants really start to practice conversation classes! Try it and you will be as convinced as I am!


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