Profesora María Méndez

Hello, my name is Maria Haydeé Méndez. I’m a native Nicaraguan of the city of Granada. I studied pedagogy at the UNICA university of Managua (  and specialised on teaching Spanish to foreigners.  I have worked as a Spanish teacher for tourists, diplomats and foreign workers in Granada for more than 15 years. I teach all levels of students and I offer personalized service to help you to learn Spanish, so that you can communicate within days and reap the fruits of your efforts ASAP, be it as a tourist, friend, foreign María Méndezworker, lover or any other good reason. Open the door to 400 million people (or just 1)!


One thought on “Profesora María Méndez

  1. Karin

    I learned Spanish with María when I was visiting Granada in March 2012. I enjoyed the excellent classes with her very much. They were very good prepared and highly efficient so that I was able to learn a lot in two weeks. I think that the skype classes are a wonderful new idea! Good luck with everything.


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