Hotels and hostels

Our intention is to list here links to some hotels and hostels that might be an alternative. Furthermore you can always try to find something via AirBNB or Tripadvisor. To be honest, we don’t have a lot of experience with hotels and hostels. Students prefer the family stays or rent their own apartment if they stay longer.  Nevertheless, we will try to build up a list based on experience with guests, friends and students.

All offer best value for money in their respective classes in our opinion.

Oasis hostel is great, cheap,  nearby and good to meet loads of new friends, a cool hangout. Also easy for its arrangements of trips etc. Various options from dorms to private rooms.

Boca a Boca is centrally located next to the Church Merced, very close to Cafe Sonrisa. Nice pancakes as well!

priced for the middle market (30-40 US$)  is hotel pinolero and nicely located directly to the right of sonrisa bar.

Upper middle market (70-90 US$), with a perfect spot on the side of the central park, is Hotel Alhambra. Reasonable prized for what you get with spacious rooms.

An absolute excellent boutique hotel for those that look for the best is Hotel Los Patios.  Small, but great in service and comfort.




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