Family stay, lodging and hotels

here we will provide information on family stay, hotels and long stay options.

A great combination of learning and practicing the language, meeting Nicaraguan people in a very budget-friendly way is using Homestay. You will have your private room in a house of a Nicaraguan family. It provides you with excellent opportunities to practice step by step your spanish in a comfortable situation. And, not to forget, it provides you with 3 meals a day and a place to sleep. All homestays are within walking distance of the central park (5-10 minutes walking).

depending on the choices and availabilities, sometimes you have your own bath facilities, sometimes you share them. But cleaning is included and always taken very seriously in Nicaragua
The value for money is also unbeatable. Count on appr. 15 USD a day for a room and 3 meals. Be aware that, especially in high season, the demand is significant and your reservation is only secured as soon as you have paid.


where are the family stays located in relation to the central park and 2 locations of the school (sunrisa and sur xalteva location)

where are the family stays located in relation to the central park and 2 locations of the school (sunrisa and sur xalteva location). regarding scale: from the escuela avancemos to parque central is 1100 meters. The center is small but sharetaxis can also help you around if you prefer that (40 $cents a ride) 

If you are more accustomed to privacy and swimming pool, you will definitely find a hotel that suits your wishes, anywhere in the range starting at 100 USD per week (excluding meals).  Look for good value via Airbnb or Tripadvisor. Ps: A family stay in combination with once in a while a day relaxing at the swimming pool of the Chocolate Museum (US$5) or Hotel Granada (10US$) might be a wise alternative.

For those that can’t say goodbye to Granada and can permit himself to stay a couple of months or more, renting a (part of a) house might be an alternative. Many offices in Granada offer good value. Rooms are starting at 250 USD a month. Houses or apartments at around 500.



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