Visit the Ecotourism station of butterflies, halfway up the Apollo. Also a very fine walk in the park

A nice trip of 2-3 hours to nature and feel good might be the Mariposario, the butterfly station 2 miles outside Granada. Original built by Jerry and Jane Foulds, originally of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 10 acres of fertile volcano ground.

from the website of the butterfly station

from the website of the butterfly station

They started it in 2004 with the aim of helping nature a bit by cultivating and studying locally butterflies.. Elevated it not only gives you beautiful views but also that fresh atmosphere, once in a while so needed here.

When we visited it, the butterfly expert Julio wasn’t there, but the gardener/caretaker was more than pleased to break the silence and we had a amusing chat with him (I guess he might sometimes be the most lonely man in Granada).

If you can’t get enough of it, 2 cabins are available for staying a few days or weeks. Don’t expect abundant luxury, but the basics are there and the beautiful environment, silent (except for the birds) and scenery. You might even put those arms at work and help the caretaker.

Don't touch

Don’t touch

Btw: We liked even more the perfect walk on the terrain. With good signs and even nameplates for strange trees, it is a true moment of relaxation and splendid isolation.

On google maps you can find it at  or visit the website


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