A sound language from a sound mouth, combine your classes with dentist visits.

Already 3 students this year have combined a couple of weeks Spanish conversation classes with some visits to a dentist very near our school. Carlos was the first, sticking very much to a strict daily pattern of first classes, and in the afternoon the dentist. I guess a fine  Flor the caña was his reward in the evenings.

Dennis turned it around, starting the day with the dentist and classes in the afternoon:  “I loved that Salinas is a ample user of anesthesia, but sometimes my pronunciation during the classes in the afternoon was dramatic! But the results were excellent and I could have never afford it in the USA.  And Maria is a keen listener, also in times of numb”

Richard combined a filling,  2 crones, a canal treatment and extracting a wisdom tooth in just a few weeks:” I went from anesthesia to anesthesia, but I preferred to have it done fast and appreciate his quality work!”


We were surprised, but Dr Jaime Salinas happens to be a very popular dentists within the expat community living here in Granada as well. Time for a visit. Jaime Salinas explains that often it is more comfortable for clients to communicate in English. Which is not a problem for him, as he lived for more than 5 years in Miami and speaks it very well.  He graduated and specialized in Managua and Mexico, by which he followed the path of his father, who was also a dentist. With more than 8 years experience and specialized in oral rehabilitation and oral cosmetics, he is perfectly focused on many problems of the expats and tourists that can stay here for at least 2 weeks. Jaime:  the prices we charge here, very often make up sufficiently to pay for the flight trip. For example, a crone will set you back (all in!!) 300 USD, a root canal treatment also 300 USD, normal fillings between 20 and 40 USD.  If you want more information, contact Jaime himself (when he cleans up his email box, you can reach him on  Jaime.salinas20@hotmail.com :-))


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