Learning Spanish means: Talk the talk and walk the walk
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Learning Spanish is fun, easy and rewarding!

You will meet new people, explore interesting cultures…and perhaps even boost your career or find the love of your life! Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn, we can help you achieve your goals!

We offer conversation-based training. We focus on talking and listening. Of course, grammar is important, but our focus remains on conversation.

conversational classes via skype classes are easy to arrange and very cost effective

conversational classes via skype classes are easy to arrange and very cost effective

We believe language learning should be fun! You will enjoy each lesson as you progress….Conversation does the trick!

Leaning by doing: Step by step: Improve your Spanish one session at a time. Get excited by your progress!

Say no to confusing online courses, boring classes and intimidating grammar books! Whether you’re beginning Spanish for the first time or have tried without success before, we’ll give you the tools and practice to feel confident in your speaking and understanding.

Start here to speak Spanish:

Our Tools:  Private clases in Granada, Skype or a combination

a smile makes the day: But some words open the heart! (Verbena, Masaya)

a smile makes the day: But some words open the heart! (Verbena, Masaya)

  • Many enjoy a few weeks of 1 to 4 hours classes per day in combination with enjoying the beauty and hospitality of Granada, presumably the oldest colonial city of America. An optional family stay makes it even more affordable and guarantees new friends while you are  practicing your Spanish in a layback atmosphere.
  • Or we use Skype for each lesson…it couldn’t be faster or easier! Instead of traveling to a language tutor or attending classes….we come to YOU, via Skype!
  • But do as almost all our students: combine on site classes with skype lessons to gradually build up and maintain it. The right effective level for you, when you want it!
  • You schedule the time of day and the length, from 1 hour to an all-day seminar.
  • Competitive rates. Secure payment via Paypal.

Your satisfaction guaranteed! Give us a try and boost your capacities to achieve your goals. Before you know it, you’ll be reaching into the hearts and minds of 400 million smiles!

Talk the talk and walk the walk!  

Explore other pages here to see who we are and how we make Spanish easy! And don’t forget to look at the ‘What others say’ page to learn what they found out. Your best guides! Or leave your comments there on classes you had!

I could not imagine a more effective class or more dedicated and talented teacher. (Miah, New York)

I can’t imagine a person I would rather learn all this from than Maria. (Marianne, Vancouver)

¿No es esto un resultado fabuloso del trabajo de María conmigo? (Ute-Maria Bernet, Germany)

I was so impressed by Maria’s ability to create a tailored medical Spanish-oriented course simply by using her superb teaching skills. (Ilana, San Francisco)

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